Building the Right Social Circle

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Building the right social circle is neither easy nor hard. Everyone needs friends, people they can rely on and people who will understand them as they are. You do not need to know lots of people to have a healthy social circle. All you need are people that you can get along. 


  • Be Positive

As you create your small social circle, have a positive perspective. If you have trust issues from friends in the past, do not let this get in your way. Give it a try and you might be surprised by how the trial turns out.


  • Do Not Focus On Hundreds of People


Trying to create a social circle that is too wide may not work for you. Struggling to make everyone you know fit in your circle is not realistic. Focus on a few people and work towards a healthy relationship. 


  • Introduce Your Friends to Each Other


You are working on building a circle where the members know each. Once you have identified the people you want to be your friends, it’s time to introduce them to each other. The friends will most likely get along with each other. 


  • Keep the Friendship Alive

Once you have successfully created your social circle, you need to keep it alive. Remember that relationships can be quite fragile. The more that you spend time away from each other, the weaker the friendship bond becomes.


Meeting often, talking about life in general and having fun are interesting ways to keep the friendship going. This can be done by organizing small events, holidays, lunch and even a hike. 


  • Be Genuine


It’s disappointing when you have a funny personality. Whether you are giving compliments to your friends, you are talking about your feelings or plans, it is important that you are genuine.


The friends in your circle should be comfortable with each other, they should be sure they can count on each other and that their friends will not let them down. 

One of the best things when building a social circle is seeing your friends get along well with every other member. These are friends that you will have fun together, help each other in time of need and basically make life worth living. 


When you have several friends in your circle, each one will be helpful in a different way. They are unique and each one of them will fulfill your needs in a unique way.