Bullying: A social problem

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What is it? What are the main causes? Find out!

School bullying or better known as “bullying”, is an issue that as parents we still worry, it is a reflection of the level of aggression and violence that is experienced in the world today.

Bullying is defined as a repetitive behavior of harassment and intimidation, whose consequences are usually the isolation and social exclusion of the victim.

The profile of the aggressor or the one who commits bullying is usually a boy resentful of his surroundings and who disguises a very low self-esteem. Unconsciously he feels devalued and unworthy of the affection of others, and he is not happy with his place in the world. However, he strives to project the exact opposite: strength, security, and power.

As for the victim or bully, he is often trapped in feelings of fear and inferiority. The experience of being bullied threatens his self-esteem and makes him lose confidence in himself. Therefore, it tends to isolate itself and stop perceiving the school as a safe place.

Normally the bullyier usually chooses victims with features of introversion or with difficulties to integrate into the social environment. Normally they choose shy and unpopular children because due to their personality, they are hardly confronted.

The best weapon to protect children from bullying is the constant observation of possible changes in behavior in each of them and careful observation of the formation/dissolution of social groups within the school.

You have to look carefully at children who are isolated, who cry easily, who avoid going to recess, or who are constantly afraid. We must be attentive to the type of jokes that are made inside the room since they almost always reflect the aggressor and the victims.

At home, it is also important to observe the child’s attitude toward school; They are warning symptoms when you have constant stomach or headaches or if you expressly do not want to go.

If there is a suspicion of bullying, even when the child does not say much, it is necessary to act immediately, consult the experts, request support at school, try to find a solution to the problem. Silence is the worst enemy, passivity is the second worst. In front of the bullying, there is no time to lose, we must act.