How the Society Can Prevent the Menace of Gun Violence

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Will there ever come a time that gun violence in the society will be a thing of the past? The cases of innocent people dying from such violence are way too frequent. The lunatics are not indiscriminative as they go to schools, churches and public gatherings to kill. Governments have failed to take responsible measures to see an end to this menace. The society is left to deal with the issue. As a society, what can we do to play our part?

Promote a Gun Safety Culture

The society can promote a gun safety culture by doing several things. When youths have access to firearms, and they are suicidal or at risk of harming themselves and other people, this is a danger awaiting. Whether it’s buying the gun or getting it from someone, this jeopardizes gun safety. Firearms should not be easily accessible to such people. 

Gun Owners should be Responsible

Irresponsible gun owners are another reason some of the mass shootings are taking place. If they don’t care how they keep their guns or how they use them, then we will be hearing about these killings more often. Whether it is an attack weapon or a hunting rifle, it should be handled with care and with the society in mind. In addition to this, they should have safe storage to avoid unauthorized access.

The Gun Industry should be Responsible

The gun industry includes gun dealers. When they are responsible, this will limit guns falling in the wrong hands. They should not just sell guns just because the buyer can afford it. The sale of a firearm should not be as easy as purchasing a cup of coffee. Vetting and thorough background checks are necessary. As governments consider measures on how they can prevent this, they should engage gun dealers and owners.

The society has its role to play in preventing the mass shootings that we see in schools, events, in worship areas and on the streets among other places. By promoting a gun safety culture, gun dealers and owners being responsible, ensuring proper and safe gun storage, the society will be playing a significant role in preventing such shootings. There is a lot that needs to be done that includes licensing, mandatory training and vetting by relevant bodies. If the society does not play its part, more guns will continue getting into the wrong hands.