Social Anxiety – How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness

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Social anxiety can be defined as a paralyzing fear that is created in itself because of a fear of being humiliated or assaulted in everyday situations. It is generated by a self-deprecation that gradually generates social anxiety.

In the modern world, versus the 21st century, we are enjoined to succeed in all fields. Affective, sentimental, family, professional, social, economic.

To achieve this, you still need to achieve a level of self-confidence out of the ordinary. No salvation for the timid and other timorous, excluded and disadvantaged. If you think about it, it could be different. While everything seems exclusively based on effort, the challenge and surpassing oneself, social anxiety, and especially shyness, are two major handicaps in our society where everything is based on the image, self-representation even the staging.

Social anxiety, whose timidity is the most common manifestation, can be defined by the fear of contact with the other or more generally to speak in public. In fact, one fears being judged by others, and the fear of making a bad impression, of seeming uninteresting or of feeling humiliated, is then deeply rooted.

I remind you that the symptoms of this social phobia are well known. Most often, it is cold sweats, insomnia, uncontrolled tremor, continuous nervousness accompanied by nausea, borborygmi (intestinal gurgles), or even the impossibility of swallowing anything.

In some extreme cases, there may even be serious medical consequences if nothing is done to correct the situation.

The main reason for this handicap is also known but little mentioned and little fought in general. This is a bad self-image due to continual negative self-suggestion, or mockery or devaluation from relatives, friends, or relatives. Which, of course, generates anxiety.

To overcome shyness and, therefore, cure your anxiety attack and then eliminate social anxiety, you should take the time to relax about 30 minutes a day. The idea is to relax each morning before approaching his day. Then, try to set yourself small goals (e.g., entering a business or asking the time of a passerby) which, as time goes by, will become more and more important.

Then you have to visualize the accomplishment of each objective with … objectivity and, thus, learn to let go before taking action very gradually and … without putting pressure on you.

These small daily efforts are a small price to pay in return for all the benefits that you will have to regain self-confidence and to enjoy again a pleasant life and conform to what you conceive.