The Impact of Technology in Social Interaction

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Social interaction is very important today as it was decades ago. It is only through social interaction that you are able to help others and learn things. For example, when one has a problem that is bothering them and they have no one to talk to, it’s easy for them to sink into depression. Technology has had a huge impact on social interaction both positive and negative.

  • It Replaces In-Person Interactions

With human social interactions, face-to-face conversations are of significant importance as this brings people together. Unfortunately technology has changed things. People now prefer to call or chat their friends and family instead of spending time with them. However much this helps with those that are miles away, technology should not replace face-to-face conversations whenever possible.

  • People have Become Obsessed

Instead of people having a real talk when they are together, or even kids having a good time together playing, you will find them doing something on their devices. It could be they are on social media platforms commenting and liking posts, they are chatting with other people, watching movies or they playing games on phone. They cannot have a real conversation as they are too engaged in their devices. This affects both kids and adults and the problem is that it becomes an obsession. People are no longer spending valuable time together as they prefer using their gadgets.

  • It Has Promoted Bullying

Bullying is one thing that greatly affects social interactions. Cyber-bullying is made possible by technology. It’s bad to a point that cases of victims committing suicide have been increasing in the recent past. This has a huge effect on how victims will see other people and they will try their best to seclude themselves. With this, it’s clear that technology has been used to destroy social interactions.

  • Technology Helps in Blocking Interactions

Technology comes with features that allow users to block other people limiting social interactions. When one does not want to talk to other people despite them being in good terms, they will just block them especially on social media platforms.

Technology has significantly revolutionized how modern people communicate. It has been quite helpful in ensuring that people stay in touch even when they are miles apart. Despite how important it is today, it should not be allowed to replace face to face conversations and the quality time that loved ones should be spending together.