How to Enhance Socializing Skills

December 22, 2018 Urban Voices 0
Not everyone has socializing skills. These skills involve how well we are able to interact with other people. The best thing about these skills is that they can be enhanced using various ways whether it is verbal or non-verbal. Use Proper Body Language When socializing with other people, you may… (Continue Reading)

Building the Right Social Circle

September 19, 2018 Urban Voices 0
Building the right social circle is neither easy nor hard. Everyone needs friends, people they can rely on and people who will understand them as they are. You do not need to know lots of people to have a healthy social circle. All you need are people that you can… (Continue Reading)

Bullying: A social problem

January 17, 2018 Urban Voices 0
What is it? What are the main causes? Find out! School bullying or better known as “bullying”, is an issue that as parents we still worry, it is a reflection of the level of aggression and violence that is experienced in the world today. Bullying is defined as a repetitive… (Continue Reading)